Thursday, February 5, 2009

Polly's PaperPlay Challenge

A very nice lady I know spent a morning trying to persuade me to enter a challenge on PaperPlay Challenges; largely this was probably because I was feeling lousy at the time and she was trying to cheer me up! Well, it worked. Admittedly it is now a couple of weeks later, but I have recovered from a bit of a health scare, given up smoking completely and now find myself snowed under with work!

It's very much the usual story, now that I'm better I'm back to neglecting my friends and pouring myself wholeheartedly into the card making. Anyway, this is my entry to the 09 Week 3 -Fairy Tales challenge:

From Drop Box

You never know, now that I've started, I might actually do more of this type of thing. If nothing else it stretches your grey matter and gives you food for thought!

In this case I did actually make this card for a newborn baby girl. There is space for a picture to be attached to the front of it, but her auntie wasn't too keen on this one and I'm now working on something special for her - yes, even better than this! All was not lost however, as a very bad man grabbed this out of my hand - "Oh yes, he did!" and ran off with it.

He did however compensate me by thrusting a fiver into my hand and saying keep the change; after which he assisted me in taking this picture on my camera phone and then ran off with it in his hot sweaty hand (the card that is) ... (LOL)

Polly Pierce maker of Hand-Made Greeting Cards Extraordinaire

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SandieShores said...

Gorgeous card Polly!! Love the fairy image :) Thanks so much for taking part.