Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is Polly A Convert?

Funnily enough, having clicked through to the link I published in my last post I am feeling quite blue at the moment. The fact that I enjoy almost blue steak is beside the point, and yet in a converse sort of way, it is very much to the point.

Meat is the ultimate convenience food, it really is. Let's face it folks, those of us who eat the stuff just throw it in the oven, grill or a pan on the top of the stove and that's it pretty much done. Some of us do indulge in making it different by adding all kinds of marinades which alter the flavour and in some instances tenderize the meat.

Herbs and spices add to the flavour and are beneficial in terms of aiding digestion of the tough fibres. By and large though, it's easier to eat meat than to not eat meat.

Yesterday evening LB & I were busy. Busy? I'll say, rush home from school at three, via the local shoppe, knock up a quick meal, eat it, complete homework and dash out the door to be at a meeting for five. After that it was run down to BJK's, collect BB and head into town for our Scout meeting. Phew, I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

So what did we eat? Very simply, the great British stand by of chop & chips! Oh yes, let's not forget the fried onion and the pear for dessert - no, not combined, we had the onion with the main course! Knock down a quick cup of water and we were ready for action. While all this was 'cooking' I dashed down to the bathroom and grabbed a quick shower, LB raised the chip basket and turned everything off, just in time for me to serve it all up piping hot and feeling refreshed! Now that is what I call convenient!

For this evening, however, I'll have something quite different. Lentil Dahl and a Vegetable Curry based on the lovely Jamie Oliver's recipe, containing coconut milk and all. My tummy's rumbling at the mere thought of it, cos it is gorgeous. Now I could be really good and make it a Vegan version, but the fact is that I love the flavour that the use of Dairy Ghee (unsalted clarified butter) adds to both dishes.

That and the addition of some really special Basmati Rice purchased at our local Spice Shop and it will be true perfection. Mind you, that will entail a trip into town to purchase more rice, as the pot is running low and my Curry Leaves have seen better days.

If you click on the link or the picture you will magically be transported to Fanatic Flavours and a lovely recipe for the afore mentioned Dahl. This is proof positive that vegetarianism isn't all baked beans and boring pulses - in fact it is anything but!

Try it out and let me know how you get on...


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