Thursday, April 30, 2009

Polly Plays Paper Challenges

Okay, so this week after a well earned rest from exercising my fingers I have managed to squeeze in a few minutes to enter another PaperPlay Challenge 09- Week 14. To be honest, I'd love to do this every week and I do have good intentions, it's just that life has this peculiar habit of getting in the way...

PaperPlay Challenges was set up by Sandie, who also runs the Midlands Craft Club (MCC for short). I prefer to use the full title, as some of my erstwhile friends would be happy to point out that the MCC is also short for Motor Cycle Club. This may have been more appropriate during my younger days, but sadly 'the beast' is resting up, in the same position it's been in for a little over fourteen or so years!

(for more info click on the pic)

Anyway, this week's challenge is set by Elisa ... "The challenge is complementary colours, that is, to use colours that are opposite to each other in the colour wheel , such as red/green, yellow/purple, orange/blue, etc. Elisa"

Purely by chance, or maybe not, I put together a special card for my good friend George. During the deluge drumming on the roof of my studio (aka garden shed) I consoled myself with pretty butterflies, flowers and ribbons for a special lady in his life - his Mam! It just so happens that when I looked up the colour wheel, which I really should consult more often, that the yellows and blues used on this card are on opposite sides, directly "opposite each other"

My PaperPlay Challenges 09 - Wk 14 Card

Hurray! At last, I remembered to scan the card in and it meets the criteria for another challenge. Isn't it a shame I forgot all about it last week when I might have won a prize for my efforts, still, the more the merrier, eh? Regardless, there are some lovely entries for this weeks challenge and hopefully mine will fit right in...

Maybe one of these days I'll be able to call on George for his excellent services as a business coach, let's face it folks, I need some help with my time management - don't I...?
Either that or a lotto win, so that I can afford to employ a house-keeper and spend all my time crafting...

Polly Pierce

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Sandie said...

Great card!! I'm sure George was thrilled. Thanks for playing along this week.