Monday, May 25, 2009

Bear Grylls, our new commander and chief

Pauline Price
25 May 15:47
Bear Grylls, our new commander and chief
This boys and now girls is the current position on scouting in the UK. Here in Ireland things are slightly different. Our Chief Scout is a gentleman by the name of Michael John Shinnick, who is just that, a gentleman.

The appointment of Bear Grylls will undoubtedly raise the profile of Scouting world wide and hopefully attract more youngsters to the movement. As Scouting is recognised as promoting the personal development of young people around the world, and has been for over one hundred years this can only be a good thing...

At present, there is a live waiting list of young people who wish to get involved in Scouting. Maybe the appointment of someone with such a high profile as Bear Grylls will encourage adults to get involved also. All I can say is that I hope so. Scouting is not only Fun (note the capital F), it is also rewarding - their adventure is our adventure...

Russel Rusky McQuillan puts forward the case in this post far more eloquently than I, so check it out and put on your thinking caps ladies and gentlemen, for now is a time of change and progression. Why not get involved, give something back and you never know, you might EVEN enjoy it...

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