Saturday, May 23, 2009

Does Polly Ever Stop?

Right now I should be out in my studio making up some very special greeting cards which have to be shipped off early next week. As usual though I have been side tracked by something very close to my heart; children.

As a mother of two young boys, who seem to be growing like grass at the moment I seem to get myself involved in all sorts of weird and wonderful activities. Today is no different from usual in that regard; having rushed home from Tullamore and carefully adhered to the speed limit I got home safely without the need to attract the attention of the Gardai. I wish I could've said the same two weeks ago, but that's another story altogether...

I made the mistake of sitting down at the PC, in my favourite and well used computer chair with the express intention of checking out my e-mails and catching up on the gossip over on Facebook before starting work. Unfortunately I then found out that my friend over at the Offaly Dyslexia Group had placed a post this morning asking for help with fund raising. The rest as they say, is history!

From sending frantic e-mails to other friends in other voluntary/charity groups, to writing up posts and pretty much anything else you might like to mention I find myself back here on my Peri-wrinkle's (which by the way are beginning to show!) writing up yet another post begging for your support. Seeing as I am reasonably sensible, I'm now going to direct you to the original post and hope that you will see fit to help out if you can...

Thanks for taking the time to drop by.

Polly Pierce

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