Monday, June 15, 2009

Polly Considers Homocide...

I wonder if there is an actual name for people who murder their granny's? Matricide is the unlawful act of killing ones mother, so I wonder if this would also be the term for killing granny?

No I am not going to kill one, aside from the fact that both my maternal and my paternal grannies are long dead, I simply don't have the urge to. I do have the urge, however to commit a certain act upon one whom I hold dear to my heart...

When you see the beautiful scrapbook layout made by Ann on her I Love Making Things... blog, you will understand. HE murdered my aquilegia's!

Now these weren't just any old Aquilegia's, they were old fashioned Grannies Bonnets as pictured above. As I don't like the modern cultivars, I don't have any. Every year I have waited for the arrival of these little beauties and admired their delicate beauty bobbing up and down in the wind. I love to compare their subtle colours and generally just enjoy them.

In fact, I was doing this with my Mum on Saturday. As I demolished the treat sized pot of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream seated at the garden table, she asked if I could save her some of the seeds of a particular flower that was growing out of a crack in the path. Apparently it was a slightly different shade of blue from any of the ones she has at home...

Poor DG wasn't prepared for the exasperated scream emanating from the lungs of his missus! The look of horror and disappointment when he realised his mistake, having also trashed the comfrey growing alongside the barbecue. Say no more, I took a deep breath, apologized for my reaction and set about saving the odd stick with a flower on it.

Later yesterday evening, I took it upon myself, while dinner was cooking, to visit the whole of our estate and admire DG's handywork. After all I had to make it up to him, my lack of tact at his stuff up with the pretty flower, hadn't I? What a shame then that I immediately let rip with a stream of rather loud expletives. Having rounded the corner of the house I discovered he hadn't been satisfied with having demolished one of the only pretty things in the garden, he'd finished the job off properly and strimmed everything else that was growing in the crack between the path and the wall of the house. Grrr!

The list isn't necessarily inclusive, but it did include some more Acquilegia's, Forget-Me-Knots and feicin Strawberries too! To add insult to injury, I then spotted a rather large tuft of grass growing between the wall of the house, the path and an ugly wheelie bin which had shelted it from DG's exertions!

Still, after a full four hours of strimming, the garden does look a whole lot better than it did before ( it is rather large, btw). Even the roadside verges and banks received his special treatment, the pretty brackens and wild flowers are no more, but then neither are the brambles or docks!

His reward? A torrent of abuse, vibrating hands and a lump forming in the muscle of his forearm! Still, with Ann's lovely scrapbook layout to look at, I might find it within myself to forgive him, after all, apart from the lack of pretty flowers the garden does look soooooooo much better!

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