Saturday, August 22, 2009

And All Because Me Mammy Said So...

There aren't many of us who like being told what to do in this life and to be honest I am no different from most in this regard. Yesterday, however; was the exception.I was told in no uncertain terms that I was tired, but then again I am almost always tired...

The past couple of weeks have been so very busy, for various reasons, leaving me tired, pale, bleary eyed and cranky. In short, I have been overdoing it - again! First of all it was the Tullamore Show, then all of a sudden at relatively short notice it was announced that the Uibhe Fhaili Chapter of BNI were launching their brochure on the Wednesday evening prior to the show. Great idea, bad timing.

Mind you, as the launch was being held in public, ie lots of guests as well as our usual members and it was at a public venue, with a slide show and a microphone it did force me to hone my sixty second speech somewhat. The gas thing about it all is that in my haste, I left my hastily printed out copy of my speech on the floor of the front passenger footwell!

It's a good job that I had made a point of practising my speech. I'd got it down to a fine art in all but sixty seconds, it was great. Maybe that's why I was able to jot it down on the back of an out of date school circular and recite it word perfect? Despite having lost my train of thought totally, right in the middle of my sixty seconds I managed to carry it off with aplomb.

The following day the compliments were FLYING! Yes flying. Apparently my speech was the most animated and interesting of all, considering that we now have forty members this was no mean feat. I was very pleased and a little shocked. Possibly this had more to do with the fact that I was still half asleep, having rushed home from my evening engagement to spend an hour or more in the studio creating a special card for a favourite uncle's fiftieth birthday.

To discover at 6.30am that my eyes were sore from lack of sleep came as no surprise. The day was bright and beautiful and boy did my eyes rebel! Thank goodness for prescription sunglasses and strong dark coffee. Strangely enough we had a great Thursday morning meeting, my early arrival had created the wrong impression - nearly everyone was there.

Well, all but one. The guy who'd ordered the special card for his favourite uncle wasn't bloody there! How dare he, I'd stayed up until the small wee hours because I'd forgotten to make the card earlier in the week and then he doesn't turn up in time to collect it - arrrgh. It's kind of ironic really, as he seems to do this nearly every time. You'd think that by now I would've learnt my lesson, wouldn't you?

Just relating a part of this tale leaves me tired, despite the fact that for once I did as I was told. Yesterday was my day off, me mammy said so...

Polly Pierce

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