Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Polly's Critter Friendly...

Don't ask me how, but last night I got very involved in a conversation which lasted until the small wee hours! I nearly died when I saw the time and my other half wasn't too impressed when I woke him up to come to bed. He knows me all too well! The mere fact that I was awake enough to awaken him meant that I'd been

"... on that flaming computer all this time...!"

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Anyway, the long and short of it is that I was persuaded to find time out of my busy schedule to enter this little guy into the PaperPlay Challenges blog this week! To be honest it didn't take that much persuasion, as it was late, I was tired and it's a great prize...

For the chance to win some lovely blog candy this
week head on over to Paper Play and see what it's all about. Kerry Colson of An Siopa Bui is this weeks sponsor and has generously offered five Copic Markers (!) of the winner's choice.There are some lovely design team projects and a great selection of what other crafters out there have done too, suffice to say it involves critters!

Speaking of which my choice for this challenge is a hedgehog. The hedgehog is one of my all time great favourites, I just love 'em. Often times I've chastised the many dogs that I've owned over the years for trying to play catch with sleepy winter hedgies and marvelled at how their spines don't seem to bother the dogs mouths that much at all.

The next picture is of a huge hedgehog who frightened the life out of yours truly on Bastille Day 2006. Camping alongside the river Seine, in the centre of Paris with nothing more than a chain link fence between the tow path and us; God only knows what the source of the noise could have been!

Add to this the fact that we'd spent the evening admiring the sights and the traditional firework displays at midnight from the famous the Bateaux-Mouches, we'd been treated to what felt like a half a pint of champagne by our tour guide and were generally slightly worse for wear!

Is it any wonder that I was startled to realise that in the dead of night we had unexpected company; half of Paris was on the prowl!? Gingerly, after a panicked discussion on how best to handle the situation I shone a torch in the direction the noise was coming from and was relieved to discover this little guy.

When he'd finished his midnight snack, I took some other shots of him; standing on his hind legs - just like the one in the card! The poor thing was trying to find his way around our windbreak; which we'd inconsiderately blocked his way. One day I will get around to scrapping that particular experience and breathe a sigh of relief that our visitor that night was friendly...

Great memories or what?!

Polly Pierce
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Sandie said...

What a great card. That little hedgehog is so cute!!

Thanks for joining us on PaperPlay this week :) Good luck!