Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh wow, what a day!? So I've not posted like forever and here I am posting on my blog for the second time in just a few days. So, what on earth has prompted this?

The fact is that I've had the most peculiar day. It started uneventfully. Well, scratch that because it was a gentle kiss that proved to be the catalyst which led to the rest of the day. God love him, DG has this wonderful unerring quality of getting up and sneaking around the house quietly in the mornings. He deals with the dogs and the cats, letting them out of the house or into it, he gets the boys up when he's not leaving early and he drives them to the village to meet the school bus. All of this before a days hard work...

He doesn't complain. He lets me sleep. He knows that sleep is the one thing that I need to keep me going. He doesn't even mind when I desert him in favour of crisp white cotton sheets and our goose feather and down duvet; my haven and my life support! He comes to bed at ridiculous hours because he falls asleep in front of some of the best TV in the week. It drives me mad! It hurts his neck, his shoulder and his back. He doesn't complain!

That's my job. I complain about his silly night-time habits. I complain about his snoring and boy does he snore?! And yet, it's so seldom that he complains about anything much at all. This morning wasn't any different from any other morning. There was no cup of tea, but there was a sweet kiss and it woke me from a medicinal sleep at an early hour (like, yeah right!)

So, it turns out that I was up in time to get some exercise (surfing), wash, dress and rock and roll in plenty of time for my appointment over in Mullingar. I decided in my infinate wisdom to refer myself to the physiotherapy department some thirty miles away while I'm on vacation - well, annual leave. I'm on vacation at home, enjoying a little r&r...

It was frosty this morning, having dipped to minus something ridiculous during the night. I'd plenty of time, plenty of it. Yep plenty! So perhaps somebody would like to tell me why or how I managed to drive my car into a ditch on the way to my appointment, write it off and walk away with little more than a scratch or two and a bloody nose?

I couldn't possibly mention what I said immediately after it happened. I was shocked to notice that the drivers side window had disappeared from view and was replaced by the makings of the hedge that I landed in. Glass flew everywhere, in shards. Shards landed on me, my dash, the seat, my hat, my face, my clothing, in fact it landed pretty much everywhere! What struck me as odd was the shards. Safety glass breaks into nuggets. Safety glass does not break into shards. So what the hell happened there? The more I think about it, the stranger it seems...

A lovely man called Noel stopped to help me. He told me that my nose was leaking and that I was covered in glass, especially the slightly bigger shard sitting on my right nostril! Isn't it funny how humour comes in at the worst of times? That particular piece of glass has been there for quite some time now, and probably isn't going too far in the near future.

People can be nice. So very nice. I wish that we all had the opportunity to experience this up close and personal on ordinary days and not just on days like today. I can honestly say that while I'm aggrieved about the inconvenience caused to so many

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