Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Polly's 15 Minutes Late With Her Sewlutions!

It's funny how life works out, isn't it? I had spotted Karen's Sewlutions Jar back in January but didn't have the guts to commit myself IRL! (In Real Life!) Be my fingers still, I quietly kept my mouth shut too and hoped for the best. That has come in the form of a major fibro-flare resulting in my having lots of spare time and medication since the end of January.

This said, due to the tenderness of my hands I can't really do much in the way of rubber stamping and card making at the moment. It hurts too much to apply even pressure and get a good impression. It sucks, but hey, it'll pass. Meanwhile, I've taken up sewing. Obviously not on a large interior design scale, but that will come sooner than anyone in my family can imagine. (Says she...!)

To date I've finished one 70's shift dress with a self belt in a lovely sage green cotton with tiny white flowers printed randomly throughout. I've also made a skirt with an amazing, colourful cotton lawn skirt using an 80's Burda pattern - my Mom hates it. One thick cotton apron, details of which are classified. My first foray into sewing with jersey turned into a gorgeous slightly lighter than sage green with chocolate swirls false wraparound dress. A cover for my u-shaped cushion. I've also repaired numerous items of clothing for pretty much everyone in the family.

Last Autumn I made a crepe du chine dirndl skirt which I'll probably never wear & a wearable muslin of a blouse that I will definitely not wear - EVER! Like EVER. My Alma is that horrid...

The beautiful Alma Blouse looking fab on Tasia at Sewaholic, who designed it!
  This however hasn't put me off as I've plans to go again with a few minor adjustments that will make my finished article look as stunning as the one in the picture. God knows where I went wrong... ;-(

What I've made so far:

1 x 70's cotton sun dress with belt
1 x 80's cotton lawn skirt
1 x 2012 cotton lawn false wrap dress
1 x cover for u-shaped cushion
1 x great big apron
1 x crepe du chine dirndl skirt
1 x ghastly synthetic georgette Alma blouse,Sewholic Patterns!
1 x tester for a pair of Vogue trousers - I've put on a little bit tonne of weight so they don't fit anymore - next but one size please!

The main problem with me is that when I start something the house becomes littered with the evidence. I'm honest about it these days (which is a triumph in its own right) and I am working on it. Say no more...

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