Thursday, September 5, 2013

Polly, The Smart Phone & Blogging - Or Not As The Case May Be!

I've had such a long break from posting I'm really struggling with how to get back into it. So, without any further angst I have simply jumped back in by typing the last two sentences! Wow, that wasn't so hard, was it? (Breathes a sigh of relief...)

I must apologize to anyone out there who has clicked back to this blog every now and again to see if I've finally posted. I do that with a number of blogs that I love and have been soooooooooh very disappointed to witness the sorry state of recurring absences. I must be a glutton for punishment, given the number of times I've done exactly that. Eventually like any sane person, I will give up as no doubt some of my regular readers have done in my case.

Personally speaking, I blame the advent of the Galaxy SII. I've always yearned for such a luxury, even in the days when luxuries of this type were only available in futuristic sci-fi movies. So, you can imagine how chuffed I was when my cell-phone (mobile) provider contacted me and offered me my hearts desire. Best of all, it didn't cost me a red-cent! Oh yes, I jumped at the offer.

That said, I grilled the poor girl on the other end of the line. I'd only upgrade if I could get an I-phone or something similar. In the end my choice was significantly reduced to the Samsung Galaxy II, due to the fact that it would support office! Guess what I did on Christmas day? Blah, blah, blah...

Anyway, the long and short of this post is that I wish to apologize for being a crappy blogger. I kind of got distracted. It's too easy to go surfing when you've got Wi-Fi and a hand held computer to facilitate. Waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooo easy! Oh yeah.

Sadly, one of the few things that isn't easy to do is blog from it. I know that countless others can do exactly that, however I can't. I find that the touch screen, even with SWYPE is just too hard on my hands to do much more than site hopping on the internet and writing the odd e-mail.
Even the simple act of viewing my favourite blogs on a daily basis can become too much for my delicate little pingies. It's repetitive strain, you see?! Seriously though, that is exactly what it is; probably on account of the ridiculous number of favourite websites and blogs I like to trawl through at a time. For those of you in the know, I believe this may constitute something of a problem.

Addiction? Or not! Who's to know? One thing I can tell you is that my physician agrees that persons with Fibromyalgia tend to be more at risk of hurting themselves accidentally during the carrying out of their everyday lives. What does this have to do with posting though? Pretty much everything.

CHAOS! Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome is deadly. It can affect everyone, particularly those who are
not Born Organisers. In my case I've always been slightly disorganised, but since being unwell things have got slightly carried away when I was hiding beneath the bedcovers feeling sorry for myself.  This is due to an overwhelming lack of storage and the over bearing excess of belongings.

My computer desk has become a place to keep my neatly folded clothing. BTW I also store my shoes beneath it and two bolts of upholstery fabric beyond that! The nice thing is that I can admire them on the rare occasion I clear my desk and give myself access to my computer screen and keyboard.

The upholstery fabric is now residing on my sofa in the sitting room, fulfilling yet more dreams! One is a lush crimson coloured velveteen and the other is similar only it's a beautiful shade of creamy yellow with cream and red stripes through it. They compliment one another nicely and are the stuff that dreams are made of. They also frustrate me no end, considering that it must be all of nine years since my trip to Material World in Athlone. Still, one day...

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