Saturday, March 4, 2017

Polly-filla, Renovations, Tidying And Spending Money!

The room I mentioned in yesterday's post is the room that we, as a family renovated, dry lined two years ago. Two whole years ago. And then I decorated it around a year or so ago. Things tend to get done in the winter when DG is on short weeks due to seasonal necessity so you have to be patient around this neck of the woods...

Right now the ceiling seams need another layer of filler, sanding down and then we're good to go with the lining paper & white paint. Other than this the room should be ready for LB to move into. Unfortunately the camping & scouting gear, food for the food bank, ironing, craft & sewing stash/equipment's found its way in there as have other numerous items of junk.

I'm just going to have to take the bull by the horns, get on and finish it. It's driving me nuts. I'm so fed up. The carpet for this room has been blocking the hallway for goodness knows how long. Walked upon by all in sundry so it's kind of flat and broad, though it came semi-flattened so I just hope that it makes a good recovery once it's down. I treated myself to a knee-kicker, new hooked blades for my Stanley knife & some carpet tape for this job. All I need now is a little motivation & some energy.

DG's car died in late November with the result that a new one had to be sourced. Unfortunately this involves car finance, fortunately the application was accepted. So, we now have a nearly-new car in the family which will hold its market value and should hopefully unlike the Peugeot be reliable. So, I've been budgetting. I've found so much on-line to help me with this and have every intention of following this up and making it work. It has to as otherwise the car finance is not within our reach financially.

*this post was largely written at the beginning of January but was neglected & forgotten about until today when I edited.

NB This post contains affiliate links for items which I have personally used or have purchased with the express intention of doing so in the near future! I may review the knee kicker at a later date. The Marvel Comics wall paper was a breeze to put up once I got used to the fact that it's not as thick as lining paper and tears easily once pasted if you're not gentle with it. This said we are now the proud owners of one feature wall with a window casement and it looks great!

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