Friday, March 3, 2017

Polly, A Used Vaccuum Salesman?!

Warning: This post does contain affiliate links. I have a duty to warn you of that but I would absolutely never even think about linking to anything I don't whole heartedly believe in or haven't used successfully myself. That's my promise to YOU!

I've had my beloved Miele Cat & Dog C5000 vaccuum cleaner out a lot since XMas, possibly not as often as I should/could've but hey! I'm trying, so give us a break! They've stopped making the C5000 ages ago but it looks just like the C2 in the picture & the link above...

Why then is my vaccuum cleaner so beloved? First of all I should say that I hate cleaning with a passion, not least because I live in the countryside where it's dirty. The result is six human feet and twelve fur baby feet, plus those of their friends dragging everything and anything in, mainly dust & occasionally mud if it's very wet outside which it often is because this is Ireland, you know...

The clue's in the name. Plus the paragraph above. This machine is the fur & hair buster from hell! Not only does it suck up anything that gets in its way it's capable of sucking up hair of various lengths & strengths from the six of us that live in this house. It has two heads one of which is a power brush, rather like those found on the good old fashioned hoover upright machines of the sixties & seventies (I've got one in the attic for emergencies!) With this head attached the machine does what it says on the tin.

Don't get me wrong now, it's not without issues but thankfully the good folk at Miele have taken these into account when designing it. Unfortunately ALL rotating power beaters have a tendency to get clogged with what they beat out of the carpet but unlike the upright in the attic this one is remarkably easy to unclog. All you need is a coin or a screwdriver to release the plate on the underside so that you can release & unclog by cutting the hairs (as suggested in the handbook) rather than the traditional way of struggling to pick them up and drag them off.

While all of this is great, truly, it is! The main reason I love this machine is because I can use it without setting off an uncontrollable asthma attack. This is the first incarnation this can be said of since my first attack in the meantime we've used two hoovers - bagless & a Vax, none of which had adequate filtering for my needs. Plus emptying a bagless might be better for the environment but that's what sent me spinning into the throws of my first serious asthma attack!

Apparently I'm allergic to dust mites which in latter years has become more serious with the result that I'm on asthmas meds & antihistimines 24/7 and while this machine uses bags they're 9 layers thick & it's also has a series of filters including a hepa-filter. This isn't the hepa-filter (for allergies), it's the Active Air filter but it's good enough for me!

With its super suction (six settings) this is a beast I can quite literally stand over while doing my famous Marilyn Monroe impression without the need for either an inhaler or a nebuliser. This is a vast improvement to doing housework whilst wearing a surgical mask & still making myself ill as a result! Guys, this isn't a hard sell even if it comes across as one. I'm telling the truth as it affects me personally & while parts for anything Miele are costly (including a pack of four bags & a small filter £10.49) I can honestly say that the expense is worth it. 

In part this post was inspired by conversations with a lady in my local electrical store & my friend Zoe the Equine Mediator who recently blew her vaccuum machine up & was looking for recommendations. Result: 1:1; lady in electrical store bought Miele Cat & Dog & Zoe's a sucker for a smiley face...

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