Thursday, December 27, 2007


Hi Everybody and welcome back after what was hopefully a wonderful holiday period!

As for me? Well, quite honestly it couldn't have been better had I tried. A lovely day was had by one and all, spoiled by nothing. The children slept in until 8.30 ish; allowing us grown-ups to catch up on our much needed sleep. Breakfast tea was served beside the lovely cast-iron stove which was still warm from the previous night and the proceedings began.

LB was asked if he would like to do the prestigious job of handing out the gifts to each person. Being the very grown up ten year old that he is, he jumped at the chance.
Unfortunately his older brother BB decided that he was being left out and also decided to get in on the act! Mayhem ensued, but hey it's Christmas right?

My main present from BJK, along with an astrological year cast book and The Irish Times Simplex Crossword book, was a Mason's Regency Pattern Ginger Jar; purchased many months ago it was subject to much angst. Apparently, I had expressly stated that she wasn't to treat me for one. At the time she had been adding to her own collection.

DG excelled himself by presenting me with an MP3 player meaning I can download pod casts to listen to while out in my craft studio making my lovely handmade cards! I must find out how to do this soon; as my friend will be looking for her wedding stationary before I know it. In 2008 there will be no sitting browsing all day for me.

He also treated me to the usual array of cosmetic face creams, etc that I am too mean to buy for myself. Estee Lauder may once have been my best friend, but now I have to rely on the charity of others for my daily fix! Believe that and you will believe anything!

He got a lovely broad tan coloured leather belt from me. Having often been heard to remark that his black jeans belt doesn't quite match his new tan shoes, I soon realised that I should capitalize on this; it was quite a task to persuade him to wear anything other than conservative black in the first place! He also deserved a nice leather wallet; not tan this time however. With a couple of other bits and pieces he had quite a nice Christmas Box.

In the past year BJK has re-kindled her affair with jigsaws, therefore she got two from us. One was 3,000 pieces; the other an impossible two sided smarties pattern. I think we should have bought her a barrel of patience and good luck too as this should keep her out of trouble until mid-February at least.

In return she had treated the two guys to their hearts desires, ie those huge Lego sets that make up into a castle, ship or some such else! That's one way to ensure a quiet day in front of the fire playing board games, isn't it?

From us LB got a child's size button accordion/squeeze box; which actually has a nice sound to it and what's more; he loves it. He also got some other bits and pieces, including a Diablo. Considering that he's always wanted to be a circus performer it seemed alarmingly appropriate for him. Practice, as they say, makes perfect. I wonder if it'll be a unicycle next year?!

BB was hoping and praying for a lava-lamp, straight out of the seventies, unfortunately the weather turned cold over Christmas & we live in a cold house. As the offending article had been up in the attic until Christmas Eve it took quite a while for the oil to warm up sufficiently for it to start gl-ooping up and down!

All in all we had a lovely day. A nice relaxed start to the day, in front of the fire followed by a leisurely cooking of our Christmas Feast! This family had Goose this year, which was utterly scrumptious. What did you have?

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