Monday, February 18, 2008

A W-Hoare of a Time...

Gosh, doesn't time jusy fly?

Not five minutes ago, I found myself dying of the common cold, complaining to anyone daft enough to listen to me and generally being ill! During this unfortunate time in my life I did manage to lie on my blanket on the ground taking photo's of some of the early blooms in my garden. What better way of cheering oneself up; except to freeze yet more whilst doing something stupid?

This morning was no different. Having recovered sufficiently to make a terrific effort at completing my friends wedding stationary in the meantime I awarded myself some well deserved time off. Actually another very good friend of mine has a dental abcess and needed me to travel the nine or so miles into town to collect a prescription for her... exchange for the use of her printer and a cup of tea; that is.

If the truth be told; as hard as I have been working not everything has been going according to schedule; simply because of old equipment, like myself, playing up. It turns out that my printer isn't man enough for the task of churning out the seventy or so evening invitations required.

At first I thought that this was probably due to a deep and thorough cleansing treatment being required, like a face-pack; only different. A few streaks of black ink on the lovely lavender lustre card was all I needed. So, being the diligent little worker I boned up on how to perform this onerous task; which turned out to be quite simple after all.

Next, while being treated to the dubious delights of a re-make of Rollerball; which turned out to be even worse than its namesake; to which it bore little resemblence, I found myself preparing quite a quantity of A6 postcards for practice runs. After all it'd be a sin to waste the good ones on blotchy and smeared ink, wouldn't it?

Anyway, it was all in vain as roughly half of them printed out. I don't mean half of the twenty or so cards that I manually shoved through the rollers of my old printer; I actually mean half of the words on each card! The other half were smeared into one big blotted jumble of letters; illegible to even those of us in the know!

In all the experience was a disaster which culminated in DG entering the study/bedroom and laughing at poor little old me. After a solid two hours of sheer frustration and despair I was cold. Being ever so sensible and practical too, I had merely dealt with this minor inconvenience by donning a blanket over the knees and a woolly hat over the ears. It had worked a treat and I was once again as warm as toast; especially after hearing the roars of laughter as my darling DG headed in the direction of the shower...

When I peered out at the wintry wonderland, safely ensconced behind double glazing and a double radiator it all became abundently clear; or maybe not! Last night had been exceedingly cold, which was evidenced by the thick white hoare frost and icy fog this morning, by the time I got back from town the sun was beginning to break through and my photo opportunities diminishing by the moment.

There was light at the end of the tunnel; a brand new modern printer and a packet of antibiotics with a cup of tea. What more could anyone ask for...?


Jean said...

I think I've must have got my cold from reading your blog then. At least that explains my bunged up nose and fugged head! Yuck and I do sympathise.
Well done getting the stationary finished - I hope you can sort your printer out. I printed some publicity on the back of some postcards to find a week later the ink STILL hadn't dried! I loathe modern technology!
Still waiting for the big announcement!

Polly Peirce said...

Sorry to hear about the cold, if it's anything like the colds I get when I'm in France; you must be dying at this stage...

Jean said...

Luckily I've reached the third day and resurrection. Back to work although not with a vengeance as it's school hols here and I tend to work when I feel like it. I enjoy your blog. It relaxes me although perhaps that's not the intention! Keep it coming!