Saturday, June 21, 2008

Curley Meets Polly!

Having been chosen to receive a prize of the first series of Desperate Housewives; I am delighted to report that it arrived the otherday. In true prize winning style our postman's presence was loudly announced by 'the girls''.

Quivering on the other side of the door, in anticipation of it being opened stood Mick The Postie; after all his relationship with TilleyTwo is tempestuous at the best of times...

Once having realised the urgency of their barking heralded slightly more than an innocent passer-by; I investigated. Slowly I opened the door; and through the two inch gap received a brown jiffy package. Relieved that I'd sense enough to keep a firm grip on TT's collar during this procedure; Mick turned and skipped down the path towards his van. Phew! The relief of his demeanour was obvious.

Ensconced in the darkness of our north facing kitchen I handled the mysterious package with care; seeking clues of its origin. There were none; so I ripped the plastic bubble lined manilla packaging to shreds revealing the boxed whiteness of Desperate Housewives Series 1.

It seemed to me to be all very mysterious and a slight anti-climax after all the excitement and anticipation following the congratulatory e-mail. There was no congratulatory note, compliments slip, no nothing. Still; who am I to complain, after all the said package arrived within days of my good fortune being announced. Now that's what I call mega-efficient; thanks for that Curley!

Read my next post to see how this experience has enriched and improved the quality of my life...


Polly Peirce

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