Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stamping Polly

If you are one of an engaged couple then have I got a treat for you! Thanks to the Wedding & Honeymoon Show which is taking place on Saturday and Sunday this weekend I have just discovered that An Phost have issued a special set of Wedding Stamps!

These beautiful stamps are available on-line from The Stamp Shop; they certainly would make an impression paired with beautiful handmade Wedding Invitations from Vinca Cards. I have just ordered two sets of them; in the vain hope that Mick-The-Postie will deliver these lovely stamps in time for me to show off at The Midland Bridal & Wedding Exhibition.

Wouldn't that just finish off my table nicely?!

Polly Pierce
Hand Made Wedding Stationary & Greeting Cards

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Lorna said...

I hope you get loads of orders at the exhibition. best of luck, Lorna