Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Polly's Treasured

My new blog Wedding Invitations By Vinca is just nicely getting off the ground and funnily enough I seem to be finding things related to whole area of weddings purely by coincidence. Yes coincidence!

As it pays to be aware of what is going on around me with regard to my interests, my greeting cards, wedding stationary, name, etc I run a Google alert on an on-going basis. This service is provided FOC and allows you to set up notifications when items of specific interest are published on the net. To date it has proven invaluable and has often given me ideas regarding subjects to blog about.

The other week I got another alert which was probably going to be one of the usual throw away references to someone or other's funeral. The second entry caught my eye and persuaded me to hang onto it. Just a couple of days ago I finally got around to opening and viewing the links; where I found some buried treasures.

© D M WilliamsPhotography2008

Once again this is of a Weddingly type nature, although DM Williams cover many different areas of photography with my favourite being a black and white image of pregnancy and the birth of this husband and wife team's twins last December.

For more on this talented couple's work head over to Wedding Invitations by Vinca. This is especially relevant for couples thinking of booking a wedding photographer on either side of the Atlantic.

Hope you enjoyed this photo as much as I did!

Polly Pierce

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jean said...

Oh dear, am I so very old-fashioned? I do live in the modern world (I promise I do!) but somehow receiving a wedding invitation with a photo of the pregnant bride doesn't work for me!

It is a beautiful photo though and reminds me of a friend who was photographed when she was pregnant a la Demi Moore - the resulting photo is a beautiful portrait of motherhood.

Polly Pierce said...

Hi Jean! Sometimes I feel slightly outdated too! In fact BB & I were chatting about how old fashioned I can be about certain things the other evening. Like you; the pregnant bride thing doesn't work for me either, Jean.

However, I think you may have misunderstood my reference to DM Williams repertoire of outstanding photography outside of the Wedding stuff! I love the photo in question, as it does "paint a beautiful portrait of motherhood".

As for the expectant bride; I think that any wedding photographer worth his salt should be able to lay the emphasis of his work elsewhere.

Let's face it, times may have changed but we all want a fairy tale wedding album to look back on in future times. The lumpy look never paints that image, does it? Px

Up The Garden Path said...

I agree times have changed and believe me, I am really not a total prude! It's just I can't see the need for the emphasis on pregnancy on the invitation to a wedding.

Polly Pierce said...

I couldn't agree more Jean! Px