Thursday, October 30, 2008

Polly Bears Glasses!

One week on and I am still celebrating the fact that the brand-new Heatons store has finally opened in Tullamore. It just so happened that I was over the road filling my car at the petrol station when I noticed a crowd of people congregating to the front of the newly refurbished building.

I was going to leave my exploration of this marvel of modernity until another day; that is until I remembered my need for a new dustpan and brush set and a new sweeping brush for my studio. Like so many things the last two were 'borrowed' and never made it back again; their whereabouts being currently unknown! Grrr!

So, how's about this for news? I was the first paying customer at the till! Yee, ha! To be fair this was simply because I was a woman on a mission and my only hurdle was locating the required goods. Having visited a number of different branches of the same store around the country; and having also agreed to go easy on the credit card from now on, I had little interest in the array of clothing or other household goods displayed.

My arrival at the checkout was hardly heralded by a fanfare of trumpets; or anything else for that matter! It took one very personable young lady to serve me and another to remember to present me with my special gift - awarded to the first customer and five hundred and ninty-nine others. What was it? I can hear you uttering; it must have been something good, mustn't it?
Well, in a house where things get broken on a regular basis; it was pretty good!

My present? A six pack of tumbler glasses! No fanfare, no press and no photographer's; just one very happy customer with some mundane household goods and a free package of glasses for her boys to look after! Now I am not an expert in these matter's; but you would have thought they'd have made a bit of a fuss about the grand opening...

To be honest I was really pleased to slope off into the auspices of Atlantic Homewear. I knew I'd be able to purchase two cheap photo-frames to house my brand-new business registration certificates which had arrived over the previous few days. Now that IS exciting news!

I'd much rather be promoting my own brand of greeting cards than a cheap department store; let's face it: having my photo taken is a bit like having my teeth pulled! At least if it was for self promotion there's going to be a little bit more pay back than just six glass tumbler's guys...

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