Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Polly's AMa'amWAHM

A week ago today I plugged my work phone in to charge it and noticed that I had missed a call the previous day. Seeing as it was my work phone and I am of a nosey nature I rang the number; identified myself and enquired about the missed call.

In short I had missed the advertising editor of a local newspaper whose circulation figure exceeds 16,000 with a potential readership of up to 70,00. Okay, so I know these figures probably seem like small fry to some; but to me living in the heart of rural Ireland this is huge exposure potential for me.

Needless to say, I demurred a little, picked the poor woman's brain and demanded extra exposure in the form of an editorial/press release in the forthcoming Wedding Supplement. After all €164.00 inclusive of tax is a big investment for a cottage industry such as Vinca Cards.

After a lot of deliberation and discussion I decided to plough ahead and book a place in the Annual Leinster & Offaly Express wedding supplement. As everyone keeps telling me I have got to get my name out there and make my brand known. This morning I came up with this little classified ad:)

© PollyPierce at VincaCards2008

With literally a couple of hours until the copy deadline; it seems I managed to do the advertising editors job for her and it will be going in just as it is!!! I really have to say that I am extremely proud of myself as this is my first attempt at anything like this...

Now all I have to do is wait until next Wednesday for the paper to publish my ad alongside an editorial about WAHM's like Polly Pierce at Vinca Cards!!!! You know; I wonder if I should just get on and write it up myself and save them the trouble of sending out a journalist to interview me...

... or am I just getting too big for my boots? Ha, Ha!


Polly Pierce
Your friendly local Wedding Invitation Making Diva


Lorna said...

No offence meant towards your local paper but I would recommend writing it yourself (as long as you are happy blowing your own trumpet)! I've got more business from those I wrote myself. But that was just my experience.

Polly Pierce said...

Oh! Lorna; does that mean that my ads no good? I'm getting panicky about it all now as it's a lot of money to pay for something which isn't going to bring in the response I had hoped for...

Eek! By the way, I pm'd you about it too....

Niamh said...

Hi Polly,

It was good to talk with you today, thanks for dropping by my site.

You did a great job in designing your ad.... hope it brings in some work.

Lorna said...

Hope you got my email back. I was referring to the editorial (now re-reading it I realise it wasn't that clear.)
How did the BNI go?