Thursday, January 22, 2009

Polly Says "Imagine That?"

A little while ago I told you about the delightful Italian lady who placed five lovely orders with me for personalised Christmas, Wedding and Birthday cards. It may have sounded as though I was complaining; when last I mentioned this subject, but really, truly and honestly - I wasn't! Actually, I was relishing the fact that it had been a worthy challenge; having to stimulate the few remaining grey cells sufficiently to come up with the goods...

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Imagine a remit of "He's 50, loves Arsenal and is trying to give up Cider!"

Actually, it doesn't sound that bad; does it? Well, yes actually it does! The reason being that while I am rather partial to a sup or two of the cider; especially a nice Scrumpy (not to be confused with the somewhat commercial Scrumpy Jack brand); I am most certainly not a fan of football. I don't follow football of any kind, least of all Soccer!

Here in Ireland we are cursed with at least three different types of football. Not only do we have to contend with Gaelic Football (a cultural tradition which I can just about bring myself to watch at school boy league championship level - but only if I have to!) and Rugby Football; in more recent years the very English game of Soccer has begun to invade our pitches. This is to say nothing of the five-a-side teams or Aussie rules or American football tournaments...

A small history lesson: Some thirty years ago; ie in the late 1970's and early 1980's, a player who had the audacity to play both English and Irish football was viewed with suspicion. Their training schedules often clashed; which of course led to all sorts of criticisms, regarding the loyalty of the player's. Let us not forget that during those troubled times this beautiful island of Ireland was not necessarily a peaceful place; with the insurgence in the North of Ireland taking place at full swing. Those were indeed darker times for some; while for other's blissful ignorance was the order of the day.

How things have changed. Peace has fallen over the Island of Ireland; Sinn Fein has sat beside Ian Paisley and English Soccer has been widely accepted into the mindset of the Irish sports fanatic. Hence I find myself being asked for a personalised birthday card with a soccer team in mind! Ooooh; how could she? LOL! Like I said; I love a challenge and I also tend to work best when I have a deadline to meet. In this case the deadline was pretty tight; or so I thought!

How did I solve my problem? Simply but effectively, is my poor attempt at a modest answer. I printed out the fabulous image of a pint of lovely golden cider being poured from bottle to glass on ink-jet acetate in a very over-exposed fashion (see above); so as not to interfere rather to complement the card itself. Once this was dry (relatively quickly when using the correct side of the acetate!) I attached it to a blank an A5 sized white card using a lovely antique brass pop-stud in each corner. Dah, dah!

To hone in on the Arsenal theme I was lucky enough

Welsh Cider
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to find some decoupage sheets in my local craft shop; one of which featured images of an old fashioned brown leather soccer ball, boots and referee's whistle. Having assembled these appropriately and adorned the ball with a sparkling red (Arsenal colours) 50 I matched this to some decorative self adhesive sparkling red lettering wishing Dad 'A Very Happy Birthday!' and whatdyaknow? A personalised birthday card for a Dad who's 5o, loves Arsenal and is trying to give up Cider! (his daughter-in-law thought it'd be a bit of a laugh regarding the Cider!!!)...

Phew! Thank goodness that's over. My only regret is that I wasn't in a position to photograph the card itself; I completed it in the wee small hours and couldn't access the machinery without waking up half the household - should read 'Was too tired and completely forgot to take photo!' Never mind; maybe I can get it back again or persuade the client to do the honours for me? After all; she didn't need it until:- JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Argh!

Laugh? I nearly cried last Thursday morning as I handed over the card to the astounded lady client...


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