Thursday, May 21, 2009

Claire Reveals All To Polly!

Despite the slightly saucy title, immediately after I left my last post I dropped right back to Claire Brennan's blog. Not right then, before my very eyes but upon my third time of refreshing the page it did appear!

So, of course I clicked on the link and went through to her new on line store, Walzingmouse Stamps which for the moment is being run from her second blog. This is not a disadvantage, rather the opposite as it allows for eager beavers like myself and Joan to leave encouraging comments and leave evidence of our enthusiasm for the world to see.

Unfortunately, the details of my on-line spending is also there for the world to see, but what the hell - it's for a good cause, ie a stamping friend who just happens to live in the island of Ireland! Not only that, this girl's a genius on the design front. Her first stamps are a good indication of her obsession with a certain season, I think you should drop over there and have a look for yourself!

The reason for my success in my bid to be one of the first to purchase is probably the fact that I am already the proud owner of a PayPal account, which makes it very easy to make transactions, without all the hassle of having to reach as far as your handbag to find the wallet...

All that remains now is for me to wait patiently for them to arrive and then get stamping, stamping, stamping - as if I don't have enough to do! I finished at 1.30am this morning, with six lovely new cards to show off to the world. Once I've completed the transfer from my camera phone, I'll post them here.

ps I've just found another blog, ie A Passion For Papertrey dedicated to the creative style that Claire and I love, why not visit and see for yourself. Maybe if you're lucky you'll win one of the PTI limited edition Anniversary Sets which is up for grabs as blog candy...

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