Saturday, June 12, 2010

Polly Says Wanna Learn How To Quickly Put Together A WordPress Membership Site?

A lot of people have dreams of owning a membership site. It really isn't all that hard with the tools we have now compared to those we had only a few short years ago. But, that's not was scares most people. Most people are put off because they *think* it is very technical and they are also overwhelmed by the many moving parts of membership site.

Talk to those who already own membership sites and they will tell you. In the beginning it was all very intimidating for them too. But once they have the first one set up, the next one becomes easier because they know how to lay it all out and how things connect to each other.
What if you could get this blueprint from them? I'll tell you where to get it - TechBasedTraining.
They have a new training course out that walks you through the various steps of setting up WordPress as a membership site and they have also included a theme that can be used as a schematic to lay out the membership site in a manner that flows well and makes sense to your members. They really understand that part of the game is in a well designed membership experience. And the training helps you achieve that.
The best part, it is very affordable. In this day of over priced training products, this is certainly very refreshing. Don't let the low price fool you though. A lot of thought and work has been put in here so you get a solid training. Use it yourself or purchase a copy for your assistant. Details can be found at TechBasedTraining...

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